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Twitter Warns That Private Tweets Were Public for Years.

Don’t panic just yet, anyone who used Twitter via an Apple device or web browser is safe and would not be affected by the bug. Unfortunately, if you have sent a private tweet on an Android app between November 2014 and January 2019, these could have been exposed publicly for years. Twitter has announced that they have started to let the affected accounts aware of the bug. Accounts that updated their email address’ between 2014-2019 could have been affected. To read more on the article Click Here.

Facebook Launches Petition Feature, it’s next battlefield

The ‘News Feed Petition Feature’ is soon to be available to us all in the up and coming weeks. This new feature will allow you to make political demands, community actions could unite neighbours to request a change from their local and national elected officials and government agencies. These community action pages allow users to tag relevant government agencies and officials who will be notified, this also allows the community to show their support by clicking the ‘support’ button. To find out more on the ‘News Feed Petition Feature’ Click Here.


YouTube Bans Dangerous Prank Videos After Bird Box Challenges

Netflix’s new movie ‘Bird Box’ has taken over the internet, if you haven’t heard of this movie by now you must be living under a rock! In the last couple of weeks, a new trend has started to pick up, where people would blindfold themselves while they are driving and many other dangerous acts. This trend is inspired by the movie ‘bird box’ were the characters must stay blindfolded to stop them from seeing a strange force which causes people to kill themselves. This trend involves people putting themselves and others in danger. It’s recently been reported that a 17-year-old girl blindfolded herself while driving and collided with an oncoming truck, fortunately, there were no injuries.

YouTube has started to ban these dangerous challenge videos after the 17-year-old crashed whilst taking part in the challenge. YouTube has stated that ‘It can be a home for light-hearted pranks but reinforced that stunts which put people in danger were against site policy’. For more information on this article Click Here.


Microsoft Becomes Exclusive Search Platform for Both Yahoo and AOL.

In the last couple days, Microsoft has announced that they intend to expand their partnership with Verizon Media Group to become an exclusive search ad platform for both Yahoo and AOL. This means that search marketers can reach all audiences that use Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Microsoft has estimated that this could increase the clicks on Bing Ads marketplace by 10-15%. To read more on this article Click Here.

Google is Testing Stripped-Down News Results That Comply with Imminent New EU Copyright Law.

The European Parliament approved the new copyright legislation, back in September 2018. The new legislation could change the way the internet works forever. Google has already started to test a stripped-down version of its news search results, and people are not happy. To read more on this new legislation and how it could affect you Click Here.



DuckDuckGo’s Location Searches are Now Powered by Apple Maps.

DuckDuckGo promises to never track its users, with their main priority of customer privacy. To improve on this promise, DuckDuckGo has partnered with Apple Maps for its location-based searches or address books. By using Apple Maps DuckDuckGo should have a fighting chance against their main competition Google. If you would like to find out more Click Here.

Ex-Employee Hacks WPML WordPress Plugin Site and Spam Users.

In the early hours of last night, an ex-employee from WordPress hacked the WordPress plugin and users started to receive emails stating that the plugin is filled with vulnerabilities. In addition to the mass spam of all the plugins users and contacts, they ex-employee included ‘Security Holes’ as a feature of the product on its purchase page. To find out more Click here.

Can You Eat a Flamingo?

Yes, that’s right if you type ‘Can you eat a….’ into Google, the search engine offers the helpful suggestion that you complete that sentence with ‘Flamingo’. Why are so many people searching for ‘Can you eat a flamingo’? To find out more on this unusual question Click Here.


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