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Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and messenger.

It seems that Facebook has plans to integrate its messaging services; Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Whilst all 3 apps will still continue to be stand-alone apps the difference is that they will all be linked, therefore, messages can travel between each platform. There seems to be a mixture of opinions due to people using Facebook could communicate directly with someone who only has a WhatsApp account meaning you won’t require people’s numbers to message them on the platform. To read more about this, Click here.


Mental health – Minister warms that the UK could ban social media over suicide images.

Social media firms have been warned by the health secretary that they could be banned if they fail to remove harmful content. Papyrus, a charity that works to prevent youth suicide have said they have been contacted by about 30 families last week alone, as they trust social media had a part to play in their children’s suicides. To read more information on this click here.

Facebook ignored kids’ spending problems, internal documents reveal.

Internal documents have been revealed on how Facebook was concerned children (underage account users) were spending huge amounts on in-app payments without parents’ permission, however, Facebook has apparently chosen not to act. Between February 2008 and June 2014, Facebook said it made just over $34 million from accounts belonging to minors in the United States alone. Discussions showed the platform decided not to implement certain safeguards as it might affect overall income from people paying for games. To read more on this article, click here.

Google Chrome changes could ‘destroy’ ad-blockers

Developers warn blocking ads could become much harder if Google makes proposed changes to its Chrome web browser. Many said that the update would make it much harder for users to stop firms from tracking them online and make it easier for them to be inundated with ads. Ad-blockers is a kind of extra for a web browser, as their name suggests they are there to try to spot and stop commercial messages found on numerous web pages.  Following a lot of comments and criticisms, Google has announced they plan to consult with the makers of the browser add-ons and limit the changes they had made. Want to carry on reading this article? Click here.



Microsoft’s Bing search engine reinstated in China.

Microsoft has confirmed that the access to its Bing search engine in China has been re-established after an outage. Microsoft did not offer any explanation for why the search engine had been unreachable. The outage triggered apprehension that the service might have been blocked by the Chinese authorities, the authorities in China operate a firewall that blocks many US tech platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Click here to read more.

Google managing and optimising campaigns.

Google has sent emails to select advertising customers telling them that the search giant will manage their campaigns unless they choose to opt out by 4th February. Google added a disclaimer stating that clients should monitor their accounts and that their management may not improve results. To read more click here.

Google receive a 50 million Euro GDPR fine.

Google is to appeal the 50 million Euro data protection fine handed down to them by the French data protection agency in the past week. The search engine giant appealed it had “worked hard” to generate a translucent and straightforward GDPR agreement process for its ads personalisation settings and was “worried about the impact of this presiding on publishers, original content creators and tech companies in Europe and beyond.” The French data protection agency, CNIL, said that Google had presented users with insufficient information, spread across multiple pages and has failed to gain valid consensus for ads personalisation.  To read more, Click here.


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