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Fact-Checkers Stop Working with Facebook

Snopes and Associated Press are the two-leading fact-checking agencies, which both have now stopped working with Facebook. The fight against fake news has taken a blow and caused Facebooks efforts to overcome fake news once and for all to a halting stop. Facebook has recently stated the fight against fake news was one of their main priority’s, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. What’s going on? If you would like to read more into this click here.



Google is Working on Spotting Dodgy Domains

Fake websites are a big problem in the twenty-first century, they trick people into handing over their private details in the effort to steal money. Google is now working on a way in which chrome can do a better job of spotting a fake website. One of the biggest targets for these cyber gangs is British Airways, flights can cost a lot of money so many people are quite happy to use a deal that comes through on their emails. These criminal gangs use this to their advantage when exploiting technology. To read more on this article click here.


How Spatial and Augmented Reality Could Change Work.

A spatial and augmented reality prototype has just been tested and the results are shocking! The prototype can make people appear to be in the same room as you, even if they’re on the other side of the world. With Microsoft’s, HoloLens incorporated it allows people to share the image and videos and even 3D models, which seem to be floating in the air around them. To find out more or watch the video click here.




Mail Online Web Browser Warning Reversed

In the past month, the Daily Mail had recently noticed that the News Guard plug-in allocated the website with a not so good review, a review which could end the newspaper. They stated that Mail Online “failed to handle the difference between news and opinion” and “repeatedly publish false content”. The newspaper has now been offered a positive green shield after a meeting with the executive of the Daily Mail. To read more on why the Daily Mail was given the “Proceed with Caution” label and why it’s changed click here.


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