Weekly Industry News Round-Up Edition 30

Do you want to be kept up to date with the latest news? Welcome to this week’s edition of Bright Designs Tuesday News Day, we post a round-up of all of the latest digital, internet, marketing and SEO news, before you go ahead and read this week’s edition have you seen last weeks? Click here to check it out.

Apple Pay the Teenager Who Found FaceTime Bug

Apple has voiced that they are going to be giving the 14-year-old, Grant Thompson a teenager from the US, a reward for finding the security flaw in apples FaceTime video calling system. The bug first came about in January and revealed that some Apple users could listen to people’s conversations secretly if they had been called via FaceTime even if they didn’t accept the call, the exact amount that they are giving him has not been revealed as of yet. The teenager found a bug in FaceTime that meant people could momentarily eavesdrop and snoop on receivers to a group FaceTime call, the reward is going to the teenager for finding the bug since a security investigator refused to tell Apple themselves about the bug due to no bounty being on offer. Click here to read more.


Roughly 53% of Firms Doing Local SEO Have 10 or Fewer Clients

A new survey has emerged from BrightLocal, which allows people to see the stare of local SEO agencies. The survey polled roughly 650 digital marketing agencies, from SEO freelancers to small businesses and enterprises. To find out more, click here.


Parenting Site Mumsnet Hit by a Huge Data Breach

The site Mumsnet has reported themselves to the UK’s data defence, watchdog after an upgrade let individuals see details of others accounts. The message that was posted on the site indicates that the problem occurred between 5th and 7th February. A total of 46 users were affected by the breach but no passwords had been exposed. The people that had their accounts breached had their email address, account details, posting history and personal messages exposed. Mumsnet has come forward to advise that they have now reversed the software update that caused the issue and has forced all users to log out so no one can be lurking viewing other people’s messages or account activity. To read more on this article, click here.

Twitter Reveals User Numbers for the First Time as Profits are Growing

Twitter has revealed its daily user number for the first time ever, with financial results showing strong income and revenue growth. The social network platform currently stands at 321 million monthly users.  Twitter has made it clear that they have had a huge drop in users due to the efforts to identify trolls and takedowns malicious accounts. Click here to continue reading.

Yoast SEO is to add a “live indexing” feature for Bing

Due to Bing’s announcement that they are hoping to change the way search engines discover new and recent content, one of WordPress’s biggest SEO plugins Yoast SEO has announced that it is adding a live indexing feature. The live indexing feature means that any new content will automatically be submitted to Bing. To find out more about the live indexing feature, Click here.


Moz upgrades controversial domain authority metric

Moz the very popular SEO tool, has publicised they have upgraded and amended how they measure their inner metric. They say domain authority is a score given by the SEO toolset, Moz estimates how valued a certain domain is in terms of how well it might rank in Google and other search engines. To read more on this article, Click here.

EU copyright moves a step closer to implementing copyright law.

Google warned that the new copyright law could affect websites like YouTube would have to work with content makers and sieve out copyrighted material under the new rules. These proposed changes are being designed to re-balance the relationship between internet platforms and those who create content this will be anything from music and memes to film and news.  The law pursues to give more reasonable pay to creators and forces tech firms to get rid of copyrighted content. Interested in reading more? Click here.


LinkedIn is growing with 40% of followers visit the site every day

LinkedIn has created an eBook for social media bosses that cover an updated list of statistics about the platform. LinkedIn has claimed that their engagement is “booming.” LinkedIn has made a case for why the company’s and managers should prioritize LinkedIn. They now currently have 610 million registered members, views in the LinkedIn feed are up 60% from last year and over 130 thousand articles are made on LinkedIn every week. If you would like to read more into this click here.


Google Warns the EU that a link tax will impact and hurt news sites.

Google provided an example of what this would look like if it was followed through last month, now Google has provided insights into what the new version does in terms of search traffic. Kent Walker said, “even a moderate version of the experiment where we showed the publication title, URL, and video thumbnails led to a 45% reduction in traffic to news publishers.”  To carry on reading, click here.

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