Weekly Industry News Round-Up Edition 31

Happy Tuesday News Day! We cover all the latest SEO, Digital Marketing, internet news. In this week’s edition we will be covering; Facebook’s report on Fake News, Google drops app properties, Google’s change for service area businesses, the Ad bug, new addition to Google’s maps desktop and the AI tool to dangerous to release.

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Develops Have Now Announced, Elon Musk’s AI is too Dangerous to Release.

Artificial intelligence or more commonly known as AI has been a growing idea for many years. In more recent years, it’s become more of a reality. In 2015 OpenAI was founded, with backing from Elon Musk of $1bn.  They have recently developed and tested GPT-2, the algorithm generates text as if it was naturally occurring in language. Due to concerns about “malicious applications” of the technology, it’s being held by researchers. To read more on the OpenAI algorithm click here.


Owners Can Now Reply on Google Maps

You can now reply to Google Map reviews, for many years business owners have had to use a separate app which allows them to reply to reviews, well no longer. Businesses with verified Google my Business Listings are now able to reply to their reviews directly on the desktop version of Google Maps. This will make it easier for businesses to efficiently reply to those reviews on Google Maps. If you would like to read more into this click here.


Diagnosis Tool Showing AD Scores and Data

Google’s Ad diagnosis tool is currently down due to Google investigating an issue that was recently discovered. The reported bug advertises data which shouldn’t be advertised to the public. The bug shows the Ad as normal, however, with a little bit extra. It then shows the available formats, bid ECPM, the ad score, the number of rejections and more. The issue was first addressed on Twitter, in which Google replied “Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Could you please send us a DM with more details? We’d like to look into this. -Anil”.  If you found this interesting, why not find out more?


The “Digital Gangster” Fake News Report Published.

Facebook has produced a report on their 18-month investigation into the deep dark world of fake news. MPs are calling for a code of ethics, this will ensure that popular social media platforms remove all harmful content. A single independent regulator will have the power to fire legal action against those who breach the code of ethics. Over the past year, Facebook has been stormed with pressure over its business practices.  If you like to read more into this, click here.


Google Updated the Service Area for Businesses.

Google recently announced earlier this year that they will be offering an improved service for businesses. This service will address long-standing issues around the representation of Service-Area Businesses in the search results. For a helping hand on how to use this new and improved service, click here. If you are a SAB, this tool is for you.


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