Weekly Industry News Round-Up Edition 32

Want to keep up with the latest news? Welcome to this week’s edition of Bright Designs Tuesday News Day! Where we post the round-up of the most current social media, internet, marketing and SEO news. However, before you give this week’s a read, have you seen last weeks? Click here to have a read.

Samsung revealed Galaxy Fold and S10 5G

In the past week, Samsung has revealed a foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold beside the 5G Galaxy S10 mobile and 3 other Galaxy S10 mobiles. The Galaxy Fold will be available to purchase in 2 and a bit months’ time, which surprised many as it’s a lot sooner than they were expecting. The Galaxy S10 5G features the firms biggest non-folding phone display and promises quicker data speeds when networks become obtainable. Samsung had earlier mentioned that they had recognised that the cost of its S9 range had contributed to lower predicted sales than expected. Click here, for more information.


Google responds to uproar over unlinked snippets

In these kinds of snippets, Google makes it hard to click through to the site from where Google indexed the data. The featured snippet displays a small triangular icon that has no label to identify what it is for. The icon is very small and not everyone will understand its purpose as this icon normally represents more information.  To read more about this, click here.

Google does not use CTR for core search rankings

This topic has been widely covered for many years. Google doesn’t use CTR (click through rate) to rank their search results. But of course, Google posted something that is creating huge confusion again around the topic. A Google developer page form the Google Cloud team says, “for example when you click a link in Google search Google reflects your click when ranking that search result in future questions.” To read more on this article, click here.

AI Fake Face Website Launched

A software developer has created a website that generates fake faces using AI (artificial intelligence). Thispersondoesnotexisit.com makes a new realistic image each time the page is refreshed, using technology established by chipmaker Nvidia. Some visitors of the webpage say they have been amazed by the convincing nature of the features of the fake faces, although some are clearly more “fake” than others. If you’d like to read this article yourself, click here.


Google is sending alerts for large ranking and traffic drops

Google is now distributing warning notifications when it notices a considerable drop, in clicks to your website from Google search results compared to previous weeks data. Google is technically just looking at a week-over-week data in the performance report and if the data is completely off or they have dropped a large amount then Google can send a warning to confirmed property owners in the search console of the change in results. To find out more, click here.

Google Chrome now darkens web pages in dark mode

Google has taken into consideration that not everybody appreciates the white design of their theme, particularly as more and more people are looking at “dark mode” to manage their device batteries and their eyes. They have been releasing dark mode/themes for several of their apps and pretty soon they will be releasing it on the chrome browser. For more information, click here.


CERN has made the original 1990s web browser available to have a play with

Are you the sort of person that loves technology and following the way it has changed and progressed over time, if so then you are going to love this! The unique web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee during his CERN stage and is now obtainable for everyone to see and play with. CERN have re-built the original 1990 browser with the sole purpose to show people what the WorldWideWeb used to look like. Want to read more? Click here.

Uganda loses 5 million internet users as a result of Social Media Tax

Half-way through last year, Uganda introduced a Social Media Tax which required Ugandans to pay tax if they wanted the privilege of having the access to things such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and many other social media platforms. It turns out that due to this the Uganda communications commission (UCC) have noticed a significant impact on the number of internet users in the East African country resulting in a drop of 3 million internet users over a 3-month period which has now progressed to 5 million internet users for the rest of the year. Click here, to read more.

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