Weekly Industry News Round-Up Edition 33

It’s Tuesday. That only means one thing…. Tuesday News Day! Are you as excited as we are? Want to keep up with all the latest news? Well, look no further. Tuesday News Day is our weekly roundup of all the latest SEO, Digital Marketing, Internet and Social Media news. Before reading this week’s issue, have you read edition 32?


YouTube to ban all comments on videos for under 18s.

“Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of young people on the platform” – Susan Wojcicki YouTube Chief Executive. In a recent blog post, YouTube has stated that its new policy will disable comments on videos of very young children, in the attempt to put a stop to paedophiles leaving predatory comments on videos. Videos uploaded by older teenagers and young adults will not typically have their comments disabled unless YouTube feels that it could attract unwanted predatory attention.



NSPCC finds that Instagram is the Biggest for Child Grooming.

Instagram has recently been named for the biggest social media platform in which sex offenders are contacting and grooming children. It’s been recorded that 1,944 incidents of intentional sexual communication were reported to the police in England and Wales. A whopping 32% of these cases were via Instagram. To find out more on what the NSPCC found out and what they plan to do about it, click here.


Upcoming Internet Regulations cause Tech Giants to Write their Concerns to Ministers.

Some of the worlds most famous internet companies are writing or have already written to the UK government to state their concerns on how harmful the new laws and regulations could be to them and the public. When debating the new regulations there are three main topics which are discussed; liability concerns of third-party content, the definition of online harm and the difference between public and private communication. To find out more, click here.



Redirect Links Deflate as Google Pops that Bubble.

301 redirect link building strategy consists of purchasing a domain, building links and redirecting to one’s website. Many people believe this way goes unseen by Google, this is because they’re passing by a different domain. This strategy is not recommended. This redirect technique is not SEO, it is considered a useless activity which will only put you in the worst position than you started with.


YouTube & Wikipedia Dominate Google Search Results

Whilst YouTube comes in second place behind Wikipedia, they both seem to be smashing the Google results according to new research. In this research, they analyse the search results from the top 10 national google indexes around the world. This allows them to identify and locate which global companies dominate the search results. To read up more on this article, click here.



Facebook is Cracking down on Fake Likes, Followers and Accounts.

Facebook and I am pretty sure most of you have had enough of those annoying companies which try to sell you fake likes and followers. On Friday 1st March 2019, Facebook filed a lawsuit in the US federal court, against three individuals and 4 businesses in the Republic of China. If you would like to know what they hope to achieve by filing this lawsuit, click here.


TikTok Downloads Rates Reached a Whopping 1 Billion Downloads!

TikTok is the fourth most downloaded app in 2018 (which is not a game). WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Facebook are placed ahead in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Reaching an amazing 1 billion downloads, they overtook Instagram! These research results do not include android phones in China, so it’s estimated that the number could be dramatically higher than first thought.



Google Test my Site has been Updated with New Features

Test my Site is designed to simplify the process of measuring their mobile site speed and giving businesses the chance to improve their speed. It’s a free tool. Mobile searches are becoming more and more popular every day, Google has recently found that 50% of online purchase journeys happen on mobile. There is more a need than ever before to have a fast and efficient mobile site. To found out more on how “test my site” has changed for the better, click here.


While Google still holds Top Spot for most used Browser on Desktop, Edge has had a Surprising Performance Change.

Whilst Google Chrome sits at the top of the chart, they had a recent small drop to 66.89%. On the other hand, Microsoft’s edge went up from 4.61% to 4.79% in January. To read more on this subject click here.



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