It’s Tuesday and you know what that means… Tuesday News Day. For our new readers welcome to our weekly industry news round-up, where we discuss and inform you of all the latest SEO, digital marketing, internet and social media news from the past week. Before we start, have you read last week’s edition? We think you’ll love it, click here to have a read.

In 2018 Google Killed 2.3 Billion Bad Ads

It’s been reported that Google removed over 2.3 billion bad ads in efforts to try and improve the online advertising industry – 28% reduction from 2017 in which they killed 3.2 billion. Google released 31 new Ad policies in 2018 to try and deal with the number of abuses, this included third-party tech support, cryptocurrency, local services and ticket resellers. To help identify and terminate these rotten ads Google implemented “improved machine learning technology”, they successfully killed off over 1 million accounts.


A Tax for Social Media Companies

That’s right, a group of MPs are calling for a tax on social media companies. This is after a report was released stating that the industry needs to do more to protect children and young adults online from both explicit content and fraudulent payments using business and personal credit cards. Within the next couple of weeks, the government is set to release its proposals on this tax, this will inform us of what our government intend to do to improve this ever-growing issue. Whilst social media is used for many positive things; building community groups, connecting family members and friends that live far away, providing the opportunity for people to build their knowledge on events and history, it is also has a very dark side. To read up on how this tax can help you and the people around you, click here.

EU is Set to Fine Google Yet Again…

Google is reportedly being issued with a whopping fine by the EU, $13 Billion to be exact. The EU is claiming that Google has “artificially reduced choice and stifled innovation”, this means that they restricted competition in selected markets.


SwiftKey has Added Google as a Search Engine

Microsoft’s SwiftKey previously used Bing as its default search engine, however, they’ve decided to add Google as an option. So, you can now make that important decision on which search engine you wish to use. This means you can now complete those necessary searches without leaving the app! If you would like to dive deeper into what this means for you, click here.

Google is Taking the Plunge into the $140 Billion Gaming Industry

The tech giant Google has now decided to take a rather large step and dive into the world of gaming. It’s no secret the gaming industry is extremely popular, making a massive $140 billion a year. Google intends to release a streaming service which allows players to play no matter how slow their computer, laptop, or game console may be. If you would like to read more into this article, click here.


“March 2019 Core Update” is the Name provided by Google for 12/3 Update

As some of you may be aware Google had an algorithm update on March 12th, 2019. It has recently been named as “March 2019 Core Update”, this is because they wanted to help avoid confusion with a simple name which tells you what it is and when it happened. This isn’t the first time the SEO community have changed the name of a Google update, Panda was originally called “Farmer update” until people began to call it Panda as we all know today.

24 Hours Without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp…

Social media users were affected by global outage over several platforms last Wednesday (13.03.19), which lead to many taking to Twitter to make people aware of their confusion and outrage. What would we do without social media?  If you would like to read more up on this article, click here.


30th Birthday for the World Wide Web

Last week we had the pleasure of celebrating the World Wide Web’s 30th Birthday. Sir Tim Berners-Lee released his work into the world on 12th March 1989, and it’s never been the same again. Due to his wonderful invention, we are now able to do things we never thought would be possible. We can connect with family and friends on the other side of the world at a click of a button, research and expand our knowledge on history, science and recent events and so much more. Bringing people together to make change for the greater good. If you would like to research more into the background of the World Wide Web, click here.

£940 Million Secured Funding for OneWeb

OneWeb has been funded $1.25 billion (£940 million) to speed up their plans to launch a high-speed broadband network for the entire world. This means the internet will soon be accessible in parts of the world which have never had access before. However, they are in competition with several rivals, including Elon Musk and his SpaceX.  This allows OneWeb to start their monthly launches of more than 30 satellites!


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