What Does Every Service Page Need To Convert? Here Are The 3 Elements

Your service page needs to put in a lot of work. While your homepage is likely what your visitors will see first, your service page is a vital part of the conversion funnel.

Every time your customers visit your website, they have questions they need answering or problems that need to be solved.

How can you convert visitors who view your services? You’ll need to combine a number of key components to create a service page that impresses your target audience every time!

Keep reading for a list of must-have components for your service page.


Before someone can buy from you, they need to trust you. Building trust over the internet isn’t easy. Customers aren’t able to speak to you directly, so you need to have clear ways of communicating trust through your page.

When selling a service, your customers need to feel confident they’re getting exactly what they need. That means bringing your accreditations, qualifications and experience to the front of your service page. Here are some ways to effectively communicate trust:


Videos are quickly becoming one of the best ways to communicate directly and visually with customers through your website. While using text is powerful on its own, it’s much stronger when paired with a video. Listening to a human being is something that’s rare in online business today! Stand out to the right customers!

Elevator Pitch

Your service page isn’t the right place to write a novel about your history in the industry. It is the right place to share your best elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short, to the point explanation about who you are and what you do. The key word here is short! Briefly explain how you offer unique value and why your customers can trust you to do the job right.


People aren’t likely to blindly believe you can actually do all the things you say you do. You need to share some actual proof! You can create proof by listing past client projects, showing case studies, or featuring your best testimonials.

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Listing Your Services

A lot of new businesses are quick to list every aspect of every service. Remember that your users might be discovering you for the first time and too much information might scare them away.

Stick with the details that mean the most to your audience and don’t flood them with unnecessary information, this is the approach some of the companies such as Lilo suggest. This means avoid naming your services in complicated ways or creating a pricing structure that is hard to follow.

Professional web design can go a long way towards keeping your service page looking clean and organized. If there are too many confusing parts of your page or things that don’t flow naturally, users will likely click away. That’s when it makes sense to hire a professional web designer to create a powerful service page that results in conversions!


While it’s not likely that every person who visits your service page will purchase your most expensive service, that doesn’t mean you can’t still convert the majority of users. Think of a natural conversion opportunity for your service page. Remember that this might not even be a purchase opportunity, rather it’s an email signup or an appointment contact. These are still valuable conversions! Use a clear call to action to make it easy for people to convert in a natural way.

Many business owners focus more on other website pages, leaving their service page untouched. This page is where a lot of the decision making happens to your audience, so it’s well-worth the extra effort! The tips above will help power your service page to convert more visitors!

Luke Kennedy

Luke founded Bright Design in 2014 with the aim of bringing a fresh and incomparable approach to a crowded digital marketplace. Providing bespoke end-to-end digital marketing solutions for a variety of different businesses in a number of unique sectors and industries. Luke ensures that every decision made at Bright Design is guided by core values, knowledge, and expertise to achieve tangible results for all client-partners.

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