What Is Schema Markup and How It Can Help Your SEO?

If you have embarked upon an SEO strategy for your business, you may well have heard the term ‘Schema Markup’ and are wondering what it is all about. Your web developers or SEO specialists may have spoken to you about it and you are questioning what all the fuss is about and why structured data is important for your business website.

Well, let’s clear this mystery up for you! Are you ready to find out more about Schema Markup? Then read on….

What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup is a form of microdata that has been specifically developed to help search engines to better understand the content of the web pages. Generally speaking, this is the type of language that most search engines prefer and if you use it right, it can create an enhanced description that is also known as Rich Snippet or Rich Results, that displays additional data about your site on the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs).

No matter how smart a search engine is (and they are getting smarter all the time!), the task of a computer bot comprehending all the text and content on any website can be very challenging.

By implementing Schema Markup (machine-readable information) in your website, it effectively gives Google or other search engines a helping hand in determining what is on the page, so that they can rank your site in their index accurately.

Here is an example of a local business Schema Markup code looks like:

Schema Markup is a set of rules that present a pre-agreed vocabulary to a search engine about what the various elements on a page mean. The code for the Schema Markup lives behind the scenes in your web pages, and when search engines read the code it knows how to display the enhanced information on the search results underneath the page title. For example, if you search for ‘lease car’ on Google, a normal search result may look like this:

What is Schema markup
Below is a search result for a page that has been optimised correctly with Schema Markup may look more like this:

What is Schema markup

As you can see, it has much more information, including ratings for the company or product, and sometimes even the price, with links that go straight to a specific page about a particular deal or product. Although Schema Markup doesn’t guarantee a higher ranking for your page, it does make the content easier for Google to understand and therefore place your page in the correct category within its index. However, the study shows that using structured data can increase the CTR up to 30%. 

Why is Schema Markup important and how can you use it?

Schema can be used to describe many different things to Google, from products to jobs, news items and even recipes! There are many different uses for Schema, but some of the main ones that are useful for businesses to use are as follows:

Person Market Schema Markup

One of the key uses is to describe your company to Google, including your official logo, location, contact information and social media profiles. This means people can often get the information they want about your company straight through the search engine or jump to the relevant section of your website without having to go to the home page first and then navigating around your site.

Organisation Schema

Information about a person can also be displayed with Schema, like the one shown below:

Person Schema Markup

Information about a person can also be displayed with Schema, like the one shown below:

schema markup for person image
Local Business Schema Markup

This type of Schema is excellent for local businesses. With Local Business structured data, you can inform Google or other search engines about your business.  This displays key information about your company name, address, telephone and may include your location, a link to your website and reviews as well as driving direction and call feature to your business.

schema markup for local business image

Products and Offers Schema

This type of Schema will help your product or service stand out from your competitor, by providing additional information straight from the search engine results:

products schema markup

Breadcrumb Schema Markup

This allows visitors to jump straight to a relevant section on your website, for example to a particular product or service:

products schema markup

Other Types of Schema MarkupSchema can also be used to highlight articles like blog posts and news, recipes, videos and events.

Now you can see how Schema can help your customers find and identify important points about your products or services, as well as helping Google decide how to index and rank your pages. It’s time to take action and start using structured data on your website and boost your traffic. If you want to find out more about Schema Markup visit https://Schema.org/docs/gs.html or contact Bright Design UK today for a free consultation – https://www.brightdesign.co.uk/contact

Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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