Why are Blogs so Important For Your Website?

Whether you’re a small business, multinational or even global business, blogging is essential to your online content marketing strategy. There is still some debate floating around the internet as to whether blogging is still relevant in today’s world of SEO. We’re here to prove those debates wrong – showing you the importance of blogs and how they can improve your marketing strategy.

Blogs are an informal article written with the sole purpose of showing thought leadership, and expertise on a specific topic. They are a wonderful way to generate fresh content on your website. Showing both Google and your readers that you can produce relevant, high-quality content on recent events, new products, or even business updates. A blog allows you to add some personality to your company’s website – making the readers feel welcome and a part of the team.

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How important are blogs?
Drive organic traffic to your website
Develop better customer relationships
Position your brand as an industry leader
Give your company a voice
Helps your website rank for long-tail keywords
To blog or not to blog

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How Important are Blogs?

Drive organic traffic to your website

One of the most common goals when creating blogs is to drive as much organic traffic to your website as you possibly can. When you create a blog post, this creates a new indexed page ( An indexed page is an URL that automatically loads when clicked, web browser starts or when the “home” button is pressed). Giving you another opportunity to get your website to show up in search engines and generate leads – driving traffic and potential customers to your website. Blogs are long-term, meaning they will be there generating leads weeks, months, and even years after it’s made public. Like we mentioned before, throwing out regular content onto your website informs search engines like Google that your website is actively being updated.

But how does this help my website? Good question, search engines can identify when a website is being updated regularly. Therefore should be checked systematically, hopefully improving the SEO of your website and beating your competitors on the search engine results page (more commonly known as SERP).

Develop better customer relationships

Developing trust between the customer and you, the business, is crucial when it comes to converting readers into leads. Blogs provide that space at which the customers can directly connect with the business or product. Creating this space where your customers can come to and read up on recent articles.

Additionally, just as if you were on your other social platforms, respond to comments and interact with your readers. If they have any questions about your blog or products, respond to them directly on the site. New readers will be able to see that if they were to have any questions you would respond in a professional manner.

Position your brand as an industry leader

Well written blogs can demonstrate your business as an industry leader. Yes, that’s right –  blogs can validate your company as an industry leader by publishing blogs around topics which resonate with your market and display your knowledge in a selected field.

If you are a retailer, it would be a great idea to produce high-quality blogs focused on the products you sell. This provides readers with more information surrounding the product and may lead to them purchasing the product. Is your company B2B? If the answer is yes, then we have a great idea for you. Creating articles related to your services can develop you into the place to be or “hub” for your industry.

Recent research by Hubspot shows that businesses with 401-1000 pages of content get six times more leads than those who have 51-100. The more you blog, essentially the more leads you will generate, email opt-ins, more contact from submissions and so on.

Give your company a voice

Blogging allows you to share up-to-date information surrounding your business. It also grants you to share opinions and thoughts on specific topics. A great way to build/create a personality for your company, making your business more credible and approachable. Comment on timely news topics, market trends or even educate your readers but never be scared to share your opinion.

You may not realise it now, but people appreciate opinions, especially when it comes to credible businesses. Be sure to write your blogs with your audience in mind. There’s no point producing a high-quality blog on cats if your business sells cars. Your audience wants to read relevant articles.

Helps your website rank for long-tail keywords

A site without long-tail keywords will have a hard time trying to rank in those top spaces on the search engine results page. Typically, a company website can often successfully rank for business specific keywords. For example, “Becky’s Bakery”. But will commonly have difficulty ranking for specific searches like “How to use a piping bag?” if they do not have a blog. By having a blog, you will be able to rank for those more commonly searched long-tail keywords.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

In conclusion, blogs are extremely important for your business no matter the industry you may be in. They can convert readers into leads and provide necessary and credible information for your customers to read and enjoy. If you wish to rank your website in those top spaces, a blog can help you out. Build the personality of your website to create a connection with consumers, which will hopefully generate more leads.

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Emily Bradnam

Emily joined the Bright Design team as an apprentice in 2018 and now plays a key role within the marketing team as an SEO Executive. Her main responsibilities are to identify strategies, techniques and tactics to improve the number of online visitors to client’s websites. Driving growth and profit for our client-partners.

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